Breaking Borders Internationally

Breaking Borders Internationally

As February is focused on love and relationships, we talk to our agents across the waters and how they built their Annique businesses abroad.

Tracy Crosby – New Zealand

“I took over the New Zealand distributorship in December 2012 and registered my business – Redbush Health & Skincare Ltd – in March 2013.

“I was running another business selling baby clothing and baby items imported from South Africa, when a few of my customers asked if I sold the Annique baby products. I started purchasing them from the previous NZ Annique Distributor to add to my own product list and soon my customers were asking if I sold the Annique skincare products as well.  I decided to test the range myself before purchasing them to on-sell.  I was instantly hooked and loved them! The timing was perfect as the lady from whom I was purchasing the products decided to discontinue her business, so I asked if I could take over the distributorship. A few months later, my Annique business was keeping me so busy, I had to stop my baby product one.

“Annique has changed my life in so many ways! Being able to work from home during the hours that I choose is such a blessing! I am able to be there for my two daughters in the afternoons after school, as well as during school holidays and family time is very important to us. I have always been passionate about health, nutrition and well-being, so being able to work in the industry is fantastic and it’s wonderful to wake up in the morning looking forward to going to work!  I’ve also met and continue to meet some truly remarkable and inspiring women and have formed some beautiful friendships with both clients and consultants. And of course the extra income has been yet another blessing to my family.

“I love that Annique keeps on top of what is happening in the health and beauty industry. My consultants and I love introducing new and fresh products to our clients, which keeps it interesting for us and enables us to continue learning about the health and skincare benefits of various products and ingredients.

“I grow my business by taking my time to seek out and screen potential consultants. I don’t rush into signing anybody up, as it is important to ensure that you recruit the right candidate. As a result, I have a strong team of very motivated and enthusiastic ladies who grow their businesses by putting themselves out there and introducing the products to as many people as possible.

“My consultants and I distribute a lot of the Annique business tools, product samples and our own New Zealand hardcopy pricelist/brochure.  We have our own monthly specials, which we send out to our distribution lists via email.  Each one of us has our own Facebook page.  We offer clients and potential clients free one-on-one skin analyses and mini facials and market the products at events, such as Pamper Parties, markets and ladies’ teas.

“Providing top customer service and personal attention has made a big difference in my business.  I do regular follow-ups with my clients and ensure that they always feel special by including a personalised note with their order, as well as a small gift such as a sample Rooibos tea or hand cream.”

My favourite product to sell is the Essense Miracle Tissue Oil.  It has so many different uses, a beautiful fragrance and everybody is always very impressed with it.

Ansie Earle – UK

“I joined Annique in 2004 as I could not find Annique products in the UK and saw an opportunity to make the products available initially to South African expats and then try to build on that to reach the wider population.

“Being an Annique agent has provided me with an income through the years and some clients and agents became good friends – something of a bonus when you are living in another country!

“I love that I can work my own hours, but it also has to be said that that can often mean longer hours than a regular job if you want to succeed! Annique products have stood the test of time but are also continually developing – I find it exciting that we can provide clients with luxury and quality at affordable prices.

“It can be difficult to grow your business in another country, but perseverance makes the difference. Be visible in your community – talk to as many people as possible and spread the Annique word!

“Market stalls and Pamper Parties are very effective tools to grow my business because people can actually see and experience our wonderful products first hand. Word of mouth is a wonderful tool!

“The Resque Crème is my favourite product to sell because it can change people’s lives. These days there are so many people suffering with eczema and most people are instantly converted because it brings them relief without the normal dose of steroids and cortisone.”

Ansie’s tip that has made a difference in her Annique business:

“Know your products and use the products yourself so that you can speak from experience. Make sure that you make good use of the First Order Kit opportunity so that you have a good selection and mix of products to showcase to and to entice potential clients.”

 Brenda Smit – Canada

“I first got involved with Annique about 15 years ago when I started to use the products and imported my very first Annique products to Canada.

“Living in Vancouver, Canada, I noticed that Rooibos tea was fast becoming popular. I remembered that there was a Rooibos skincare line and thought that if the tea was gaining popularity, perhaps Canadians would like to use the skincare line too. On a trip back to South Africa, I made a passing comment to my mother and sister-in-law about my thoughts of importing Annique to Canada and before I knew it, I left South Africa with a suitcase of products and an international distributor’s agreement.

“My Annique business has allowed me to personally grow and develop and has continually called me out of the shadows. I’m an introvert who prefers to stay in the background, but my Annique business doesn’t let me stay hidden. It has challenged me to grow and persevere. It has not always been easy, but it has been worth it because now my business is poised to grow in new and exciting ways.

“My business grows when I step out of my comfort zone and let people know that these amazing Rooibos products exist. For me, that means focusing on one product, the Essense Miracle Tissue Oil, and confidently finding opportunities to talk about it to individuals, businesses and online.

“My best tip to Annique Consultants in SA is to not go it alone. Make use of your upline, training, or any other opportunity you have because you need support, encouragement and motivation. You also need to have strong personal alignment between yourself, your upline, and the Annique products. When you believe in it all, selling becomes much easier.

“I always keep bookmark samples and a bottle of Essense Miracle Tissue Oil in my handbag so that people can try it on their skin right there and then. You never know when opportunity will knock, and it is good to be prepared. I have gained new customers by doing just that.”

“I love the Essense Miracle Tissue Oil. I often get complimented on my skin and I always give credit to the Annique products and the Miracle Tissue Oil. It takes your skincare up a couple of notches. Everyone should use it – and all over. Once someone has tried this product it pretty much sells itself.”

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