Angelique du Toit Motivates and Inspires Women Across the World

Angelique du Toit Motivates and Inspires Women Across the World

Angelique du Toit is one of the most inspiring and motivating women we know. She carries with her an aura of grace and kindness, wisdom and determination, all qualities that we have come to admire and respect in her. When she speaks, we listen because we know that she has faced her fair share of challenges on her road to becoming the successful motivational speaker, author and businesswoman she is today.

Where can we draw our strength and inspiration from, and how can we empower ourselves and each other?
Personally, I am amazed that any human being can even attempt to cope in this crazy world without having God as their first priority in life. My Salvation through Jesus Christ and the Bible is the final authority in my life. He is my refuge at all times, a safe haven and One that is loaded with all the wisdom we need for life. This doesn’t mean we never face challenges, illnesses or disappointment. It does mean, however, that we can have the knowledge and the tools to manage these experiences. I also believe we need to be careful about what we hear and see. Fear starts in the mind and as we all know, it is the most debilitating state of emotion. I would highly encourage people to focus on what is good, right and has a good report. It is the starting point of thinking and living right. At the same time, I am mindful of the condition of our nation and our world, but I choose to tune into the fact that there is far more good taking place than it is evil. Surround yourself with positive people. They are life encourages and affirmers.

With only 24 hours in a day and a packed schedule, how do you manage your time?
I was fortunate to learn early in my career that we cannot manage time; we can only manage ourselves within the framework of time. The foundation for this effectiveness is knowing what is important to you, what your priorities are and what the non-negotiables are in your life. This brings with it a structure to help you plan from the most important to the least important duties, tasks and to-do lists of your day. I am crystal clear on what my priorities are and therefore when I need to make a decision on where to invest my time, treasures, skills, abilities and talent, I don’t have to think for too long before I make a decision. I have become very protective of my time as it can easily be wasted. Every moment is an exchange of your life for an activity.

I want to be sure my every moment counts and that for me is a powerful daily reminder to choose what is valuable, important and what is right. What leadership tips would you share with Annique’s Consultants? Leadership is a vast subject and yet is one of my favourite topics. Leadership starts from within. You have to be able to lead yourself first before you attempt to lead anyone else. It is being confident in your values, virtues and victories, so you can share and inspire others with your learnings. The right to lead means we need to be in a continual state of learning ourselves. Leadership is not a title, it is a way of life. Commit to a life-long process of shaping, shifting and sifting your own life, so that you can share the nuggets of leadership gold with others.


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