Remembering an Industry Legend: Ernest du Toit

On 31 December 2019 Annique Health and Beauty was shaken by the passing of industry legend Ernest du Toit. With more than 30 years’ experience in the Direct Selling industry, Ernest’s career saw him develop his skills in marketing, sales, strategy development and general management with a desire to create an environment where every individual has the opportunity of maximising their potential and realising personal and professional growth and development.

Ernest du Toit’s passion for Rooibos and the Direct Selling industry has seen him leave an unprecedented legacy.

He once said: “There is no greater arena in the world than the Direct Selling industry, to fulfil my role as an optimiser of people’s potential. It is gratifying to see lives turned around personally, professionally and financially; to see people realise their potential, to lift their self-limiting beliefs and to provide a vehicle for thousands of people to achieve their dreams, their passion and their purpose.”

In 2008 Ernest assumed management of and later ultimately acquired Annique Health and Beauty. Annique Consultants and Home Office staff had the honour of being led by his fierce leadership, never forgetting that his inspiring words, openness, honesty and ethical integrity was not the norm and should never be taken for granted.

In his 10-year tenure as CEO, Ernest helped to build a business that is future-proof, is fast and flexible and that can handle the changing world and market conditions with great confidence and guaranteed success. It is the vehicle for the future that will take many people to the place where they achieve success, as they make their unique contribution and see the fulfilment of their life’s purpose.

Ernest has achieved many highlights in his career. He managed various Direct Selling businesses, served as Director, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Direct Selling Association of South Africa over a period of more than 25 years and was appointed as Marketing Director of the Rooibos Council in 2016.

He will be remembered as an exceptional man and leader who touched countless lives and whose legacy is woven deeply into the lives of everyone who had the privilege of meeting him:

“I’m so eternally grateful for his inputs into my life from the first day I met him in the reception area of Annique in 2014. His inspirational words made me believe that I can break free from any bondage. 12 months later I became financially independent. He is my inspiration to tackle anything! No matter what season I’m in or what my age is. Thank you Ernest du Toit for contributing to the change not only in my life, but in my family’s life, my son and daughter’s lives; that I can now be an entrepreneur, a mother and can aspire to inspire like you. His legacy lives on in me and in every single person that has had the privilege to spend time in his presence and their children.” – Vanessa Fourie Botha

“Ernest may your soul rest in peace, legend.” – Zeka Annie Makgetla

“He did wonderful work to bring the company to where it is today.” – Andrie Nel

“A father of Nations, from you I have learnt the world, I can say so much about you but people that know me, know you so well, through your spirit, I’m grateful of my path because it’s through you, your spirit will shine always, a legend, a great man, a leader, that reach for the best in everyone…Lala Kahle baba, your destiny was fulfilled…because you are amazing. You are rested in peace…  All the greatest angels are with you. You touched the nation indeed. Rest in power!” – Cebo Nkehli

“I had the opportunity to meet him a few years ago. He was a remarkable man and a business man to look up to.” – Celomie Kleingeld

Ernest’s wife, author and inspiration speaker Angelique du Toit, was a pillar of support throughout his time at Annique and afterwards. It is through her love, devotion and support that Ernest achieved his successes. We are ever indebted to this power couple for enabling our extraordinary business to soar to new heights.