Everything You Need to Know About Essense Lifting Essense

Everything You Need to Know About Essense Lifting Essense

Isn’t it great when a product is named for exactly what it does, and then has added benefits? It’s like a two for one special where the benefits outweigh the (already low) cost and the results will leave you wondering why you didn’t start using this product sooner. Of course, we’re talking about Annique’s Lifting Essence. Not only is it suited to all skin types, but its benefits for your skin are manifold.

Lifting Essence does the following for you:
• It helps to tighten, lift and firm the skin
• Evens skin-tone
• Promotes a smoother-looking complexion
• Assists the skin in recovering its elasticity and firmness
• Increases cell renewal
• Mildly exfoliates the skin
• Increases the skin’s moisture
• Boosts elasticity
• Promotes collagen creation
• Helps lighten stretchmarks when used in conjunction with the DermaLIFT or Annique 24K Gold Beauty Bar

Lifting Essence can assist you in the following areas:
– Chin
– Chest/bust area
– Flabby upper arms
– Hands
– Knees
– Stubborn stretchmarks

Products as wonderful as Lifting Essence aren’t just plucked from trees. They are crafted, refined and tested until they give us the desired outcome. The most crucial elements in this process are the ingredients used to make such an effective product.

This ingredient might be one you haven’t heard about yet, but it’s one you should take note of. Its benefits include the following:
• It has anti-ageing properties that help lift and tighten skin
• It has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties
• Moisturising and nourishing benefits
• Contains anti-inflammatory properties
• Healing properties, and
• Helps protect skin cells

Rooibos Extract
An Annique product as potent as Lifting Essence would not be complete or as effective without extract of Rooibos. It provides the following benefits to the skin:
• Antioxidants
• Anti-ageing
• Anti-viral
• Anti-fungal
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antibacterial properties
• Hypoallergenic
• Helps to calm skin and soothe redness, itching and rashes