Fast Start: Annique Consultant Alice Gqiba, Western Cape

Fast Start: Annique Consultant Alice Gqiba, Western Cape

The first 90 days in your career as an Annique Consultant is your Fast Start period. At Annique, we know that the more products you use and have on hand to sample, the more your customers will buy. That is why we reward you, as a new Consultant, and your Sponsor with FREE product rewards or cash that can be used to add to the samples you use to demonstrate or to add to the products you sell, your choice.

New Consultant Alice Gqiba, from the Western Cape, shared with us why she decided to join Annique and how she reached the three Fast Start targets so exceptionally well.

1.How did you become part of the Annique Health and Beauty family?

I was looking for ways to supplement my income.   I am currently working as the house manager for Rudolf and Jamie van Wyk-Joubert and it was Rudolf who introduced me to Annique. I was sceptical at first, thinking that it is just another product that people would not want to buy. After trying and testing the products, I fell in love and since then I’ve been part of the family. My clients now love the Annique products. The Annique teas are very popular with my clients and in the Resque range the ZeroAche+ and the Camphor Cream are also two of my bestselling items.

2.How did you reach all your Fast Start targets so quickly and successfully, with sales of R20 148 in 90 days?

I approached people that needed extra income, but also people who would like to grow a successful business of their own. Since the word spread of my own success and sale, many people saw the potential and came on board. I enjoy the Annique training sessions with Rudolf, learning more and more at each one which makes my business more successful every month

3.What sales tip do you have for other new Consultants?

You must believe in the product before you can sell it.  People won’t buy the product if you approach it as just another product that needs to be sold. You must also know your products very well, what they do and what they are used for, that is why training is so very important.