Fast Start: Annique Consultant Linda Scheepers, KZN

Fast Start: Annique Consultant Linda Scheepers, KZN

The first 90 days in your career as an Annique Consultant is your Fast Start period. At Annique, we know that the more products you use and have on hand to sample, the more your customers will buy. That is why we reward you, as a new Consultant, and your Sponsor with FREE product rewards or cash that can be used to add to the samples you use to demonstrate or to add to the products you sell, your choice.

New Consultant Linda Scheepers shared with us why they decided to join Annique and how she reached the three Fast Start targets so exceptionally well!

1. Why did you decide to become an Annique Consultant?
At first, I joined Annique Health and Beauty for the extra income. Then I decided to attend the Annique Team Meeting in April to get to know the Annique family better and become more familiar with the products. That is where I got ‘switched on’ by the motivation from our CEO, Ernest du Toit, 2017’s theme #GoforGold, and when I saw what can be achieved by the great business achievers. Annie Coetzee, an inspirational speaker, encouraged us on that day to dream big. She handed out a red cardboard heart and inspired us to write our dream on the inside of the heart. I wrote: “Maldives, hier kom ek!!!”

2. What do you hope to achieve with your business?
I hope to gain confidence with the professional training and the quality products that Annique provides. I would like to establish Annique Health and Beauty in my region, so that every woman will be familiar with all the products that Annique provides.

3. Please take us through the process of how you reached all three Fast Start targets, with R26 848 in only 69 days?
With the inspiration I gained at the ATM I started to book my Pamper Parties. My husband encouraged me to plan at least a week ahead for my next party, which ensures that you never run out of bookings. Wherever you go, be aware of opportunities and keep your ear to the ground. Accept that you are going to have good and bad emotions. Fear of failure is just a negative feeling. Try to put it behind you and take action. My motto that I took from Jim Rohn is: “Asking is the beginning of receiving. Make sure you don’t go to the ocean with a teaspoon, at least take a bucket!”