Goal Setting: Focus on These 7 Areas In Your Life

Goal Setting: Focus on These 7 Areas In Your Life

Make sure your goals are specific so you can tell whether you will be able to achieve them and how long this will take. By being specific about your goals you can then put a plan in place to achieve them. Additionally, don’t put down too many goals as you will not be able to achieve them all and will eventually get despondent. Whatever your goals are, make sure you are working towards one outcome so you know your goals are aligning and pushing you in the right direction.

When you live a healthy lifestyle you feel good about yourself and are up to facing more challenges. Set goals to exercise
more and get enough rest so you have more energy. Ensure the goals are right for you and they are achievable – it is all about feeling good throughout the year. Be part of the Annique Lifestyle Philosophy that encourages lifelong eating choices that focus on healthy food; reprogramming the body to digest stored fat and convert it into energy; and supplementing the body with formulations to support weightloss. Why not start a Slimming Club and encourage your Consultants and Customers to join!

Being spiritual means you have a need to be part of something greater than yourself; you want to make a change in the world or have an effect on someone’s life. Setting spiritual goals will differ from person to person. Maybe you want to meditate more or get out into nature, or perhaps you want to visit a church, meeting or service. Set goals that feed your soul.

Personal development is all about looking within yourself and seeing how you can grow. Are you learning on an intellectual level – seeking out information – and on an emotional level – learning how to manage your emotions and feelings? Set goals to attend Annique training courses, ATMs, Première and team meetings.

A romantic relationship is one of the most important relationships you will have, so it is important to set goals to keep that flame alive. Ask yourself what type of partner you want to be and what type of life you want to live with your better half. You can sit down and put goals together with your partner on how to improve the relationship and what you want to achieve together.

Think about what you would like to achieve financially. Being an Annique Consultant is such a unique business opportunity as it enables you to earn additional income, minimise or avoid debt and will enable you to become financially independent and successful. Having financial stability will give you a sense of security and will enable you to set out your goals for the year. Clearly set out what you want to achieve and be realistic about whether this can be done in the long or short term.

You will most likely set yourself the most goals under this category as it deals with your professional rather than your personal life. Look at what positions you would like to fill; what skills you would like to learn and what types of projects you would enjoy working on. Set goals of how many products you would like to sell and how many Consultants you need to recruit. Help your first and second Generation Consultants to introduce and develop successful Consultants, and build leaders in your team. Leadership development is critical in the success of your business. Set goals for how many managers you want in your team and the time frame you need to develop them.

Being part of the Annique team gives you the opportunity to have a good work/life balance, which is essential for a stress free life. By working from home, you are able to set your own hours so you can create more time for leisure activities such as spending time with your family. Evaluate how you spend your non-working hours and set goals that will make your leisure time more fulfilling.

Tips for setting long and short-term goals
• Your goals must be specific
• You must be able to measure the outcome of your goals
• Don’t be negative
• Keep your goals realistic
• Is your goal achievable within your time frame?
• There must be an action tied to each goal
• Be flexible about your goals