Life Lessons from Annique’s Founder

Life Lessons from Annique’s Founder

As we celebrate our 50th birthday, we asked Annique’s top Consultants and stalwarts in the business what they learnt from Annique’s founder, Dr Theron herself about running a successful Annique business.

Elizma du Bois – Durbanville

Elizma got to know Dr Theron from a young age and the one thing that stood out for her was:

“When you meet a new client or potential Consultant, make a point to remember their name. When you talk to the person, use their name. This makes the person feel special and you will be guaranteed of a purchase.”

Elizma is Lettie Visser’s daughter. Lettie built the Annique business with Dr Theron in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape; KZN; Namibia; and the Free State. Lettie was the number 1 Consultant in the country for many years and after her passing Elizma took over the business and continued the tradition.

Celeste van der Walt – Port Elizabeth

  • The client’s five needs must be put first: What products do they need; why do they need it; how should they use it; when should they use it; what will it cost
  • Never decide how much a client can afford – they need to make this decision by themselves
  • If a client cannot purchase all the products at the same time, the Consultant has to know which products will be needed on a step-by-step basis

Lappies van Schalkwyk – Roodepoort

“Work every day. If you skip a day, you lose a client. Never think the client does not have enough money to buy products. The client will tell you if she cannot afford a product.”

Lynn van Niekerk – Krugersdorp

Look after your hands; protect them by applying sun protection when you drive. The first signs of ageing show on your hands.

Dr Theron also always said you are never too old to learn; do everything in your power to learn about a product to ensure you understand it so you can handle all enquiries.

If you want to grow your business through recruitment, for example, you need to read/watch everything you can about recruitment.

Mietzi Hagen – Worcester

“Never make a decision on behalf of someone else. If you decide a client doesn’t have money then you have lost; how do you know if they have money or not?”

Sanette Horn, Pretoria

  • Listen to your clients and Consultants with sincere care
  • Remember everyone’s names
  • Adapt to your circumstances. If you are going through a difficult time in your personal life, you need to adapt your business to this. Work as hard as you can until things get better and you can  put your all in again
  • Decide where you want to go with your business. Imagine you have already reached your end goal and work back to where you are today
  • Never underestimate your clients or Consultants
  • Always do the right thing for yourself and those around you
  • Show your clients and Consultants how much they mean to you by giving them a gift they really want

Trudie Christensen – Somerset West

The biggest lesson I learnt was that you NEVER sell. If you have a good product you only show it to your clients and they will buy it because you explained all the benefits of the product to them.

Your clients are your most valuable possession in the world of sales; always put her first and care for her. LISTEN to what your client is saying; she will tell you her challenges.

The biggest mistake a salesperson can make is to talk and talk and explain how wonderful the product is instead of asking the client and making a recommendation.

Meyera White – Kroonstad

Never give a client a product without receiving the money first. Clients should not wait long for their order to be delivered. Keep clients informed of new products. Build your team with new members.

Veronica Bezuidenhout

  • Annique taught me to have endurance
  • You will get nine ‘Nos’ before you get a ‘Yes’
  • Always be professional
  • Listen rather than talk
  • Be informed at all times so that the knowledge you convey is perfect
  • Motivate yourself with positive thoughts every day and fill your life with people who are also positive and full of life
  • Take care of your body by eating well and exercising
  • Build relationships that will last a lifetime
  • Be passionate about everything you do and live life to the full
  • Get up each morning with a plan in mind and be goal orientated, but what you cannot do today you can do tomorrow

Fransie du Plessis – Pretoria

  • Call your clients by their names
  • Apply moisturiser up to eight times a day
  • Press moisturiser into your skin so that you do not stretch your skin
  • Apply sunscreen every day
  • Apply Freshener as the last step in your skin care routine, before make-up
  • Make-up is the final step in your skin care routine
  • Never be late for an appointment
  • Never say ‘I’ll try, rather say ‘I will do my best

Elmien Goosen – Durbanville

  • Pay attention to your client and listen to their needs
  • Build trust by telling the Annique story and sharing the company’s unique characteristics
  • Create interest by sharing the product benefits
  • Build desire by letting the client touch, smell, see and experience the product
  • Make the sale by marking and recommending each item on the client’s wish list or price list

Leslie Grobler – Bloemfontein

After Dr Theron turned 70 she used to say: ‘Retired? No, love. Show up and take it on!’ This made me decide to do Annique until I die. Giving up is not an option. Punctuality and acting professionally in public was always non-negotiable. 

Ingrid Delport – Boksburg

Listen to your client’s needs. If you know your products you can help a lot of people. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.

Lona Liebenberg – Paarl

Know your client’s needs and build good relationships. The client buys you first, then the product.

Billie Pretorius – Windhoek

  • You have not made a sale until you have delivered the product and received the money.
  • There are as many skin types as there are people. Ask the client as many questions about their skin as possible – they know their skin the best – so that you can recommend the right products
  • Product knowledge is important so you can give the right advice immediately and recommend the right products
  • Use the Annique products so that you can speak from experience
  • Let the client apply the product to their skin – during facials – so they can experience the product. In doing this you will definitely have a new client.
  • Make sure your Consultants know and use the Annique products – training is important
  • Friendly and fast service is very important
  • Always be available to your clients and Consultants and make them feel special
  • Host meetings and give recognition
  • Attend all Annique functions
  • Don’t miss out on opportunities; be alert and always see the opportunities around you

Dalene Richter – Bloemfontein

Show up and take it on! Activities are the golden rule to achieve success. Relationship building is the key to have a business that you as Consultant, leader and customer grow and benefit from. It is important that customers and Consultants know WHY they use their products and how to benefit from them.

Elmarie du Toit – Pretoria

Do not promise something you have no control over. Your client trusts you.

Herculine Stander

 Dr Theron said: “Work like you do not need money; Love like you’re never been hurt; Dance like no one is watching”

  • Always have a goal so you can test your own boundaries
  • Treat your Consultants like family
  • Always fulfil your promises
  • Finish everything you start even if it takes all your energy
  • Never be late to a meeting; it looks like you don’t have respect for the other person
  • Always be on the lookout for that extra responsibility to help and support others
  • Overcome complaints by trying to prevent problems
  • Always be honest sincere, accurate and trustworthy

Always be disciplined, thoughtful and in control

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