Lipo-Sculpt+: The All-Over Fat Burner and Body Toner

Lipo-Sculpt+: The All-Over Fat Burner and Body Toner

We all need a little help when it comes to losing weight, whether it’s from a change of diet, our exercise routine or the products we use to help achieve the desired effect. Lipo-Sculpt+ is an advanced revolutionary gel formula that helps the body break down fat stored in the stomach, upper arm and thigh areas. With regular use, it will assist in sculpting, toning and improving the appearance of the problem areas.

Notable Ingredients in Lipo-Sculpt+:
• Breaks down body fat
• Increases microcirculation: reduces swelling and achieves a slimming effect
• Increased circulation assistance
• Antioxidant properties rejuvenate skin

• From the small edible plant, suaeda maritima
• Helps break down fat molecules so caffeine can burn fat faster and more effectively
• When combined with caffeine, the fat burning effect of caffeine is twice as effective

Collagen Building Peptide
• Skin restructuring agent
• Stimulates the synthesis of collagen
• Provides skin refirming and collagen building properties
• Rejuvenates and lifts for healthier and younger looking skin

Vitamin E
• Powerful natural antioxidant
• Protects DNA and cell structures from free-radical attacks
• Moisturising
• Revitalising
• Anti-inflammatory

Green Rooibos Extract
• Powerful natural antioxidant
• Anti-ageing benefits
• Soothes skin
• Anti-allergic

For the very best results, follow Annique’s Revolutionary Lifestyle Program with regular exercise.