Make Hypertension a Thing of the Past with Rooibos!

Make Hypertension a Thing of the Past with Rooibos!

What is hypertension? Simply put, it is high blood pressure. Being an adult is hard, there are no two ways about it. Bills to pay, demanding careers, and all the parental worries that accompany having kids. It takes its toll and can shoot your blood pressure through the roof on bad days. But hypertension isn’t just caused by bad traffic and your neighbours playing their music too loud on a Sunday afternoon.

You should keep an eye on the following as well:
– Stress
– Family history of high blood pressure
– Your salt intake
– Obesity
– Overconsumption of alcohol
– Genetics
– An unhealthy lifestyle
– Chronic Kidney Disease
– Smoking
– Sleep apnea
– Lack of physical activity
– Thyroid disorders

Manage your hypertension with these Annique products:

1. Relax Tea
Looking for a tea to calm and reduce your stress? Annique’s Relax Tea should be your drink of choice. It contains Wild Jasmine, also known as ‘Mistress of the Night’, and has a calming, relaxing effect, and can help manage depression and sleeplessness. If irritated and inflamed skin is stressing you out, rinse your pre-cleansed skin with Relax Tea as part of your routine to help calm it.

2. Night Rest Tea
Struggling with sleeplessness and insomnia? No problem. A cup of Annique’s Night Rest Tea before bed could be your salvation. Rooibos is paired with Lemon Balm leaves, which is known to have calming effects that help with anxiety, sleep problems and restlessness.

3. Forever Healthy OptiCalm
You might not know this, but stress depletes the B vitamins in your body, which makes supplementation crucial. Vitamin B helps to calm and relax the body while aiding in improving memory, mood and your ability to cope with stressful situations. OptiCalm promotes mental clarity, concentration, alertness and focus, helping you to make the most of your day.

Top Tip: To make a cup of tea that gives your relaxing more depth, use a combination of Relax and Night Rest Tea in one cup. Apply your Annique face masque of choice, sit back, and relax.

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