Night Cream 101

Night Cream 101

Make-up, pollution, wind, sun, aircon—daily life can be tough on your skin. To help boost its radiance, there’s nothing better than a good night cream. Here’s why!

Get the most out of your beauty sleep

Your skin doesn’t act the same at night as it does during the day; its rhythm changes.  When you’re asleep, the skin is also active, working to repair the damage caused during the day and regenerating itself.

Moisturiser vs. Night Cream: What’s The Difference?

As the skin’s role changes throughout day, it’s important to adapt your skin care accordingly.

From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, your skin has to fend off several external aggressors.

The first mission of a day cream is to protect. It is formulated to maintain hydration all day, relieve discomfort and prevent signs of ageing.

While you sleep, your skin is in regeneration mode. While often underestimated, night cream plays an essential role in the health and quality of your skin.

Keep in mind that at night, your skin is more receptive to care. As the skin is more permeable, it allows the cream to thoroughly penetrate and work its magic.

So to sum up: day cream protects and night cream restores.

Who Should Use It?

Everyone! Annique has a wide selection of night creams available that are designed for all skin types.

Which One Should I Use?

Choose your night cream according to your age and skin type. For example:

If you have a normal combination skin, opt for a nourishing cream

Hydrafine Replenishing Night Cream 50ml



“I started using the Hydrafine Night Crème and after a month I could see a visible difference in my skin. It felt nourished and refreshed.  When I wake up in the morning my skin feels soft and glowing. Since using Annique skincare, I no longer dread looking in the mirror in the morning. The face looking back at me is looking a lot better.” –  Mary-Ann Pretorius,  Alberton


If your skin is dry, favour rich, creamy textures.

Lucid Optimal Night Renewal 50ml


If your skin is oily, choose formulas that are less rich, such as fluids or gels.

Synergy Clearly Even Night Crème 50ml


When and How Should I Apply It?

Before going to bed at night, apply your night cream to skin that has all makeup removed and is cleansed and scrubbed. Apply the cream to your entire face, with the exception of your eyelids and eye contour area.

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