Resque Mist 100ml


Resque Mist is a multi-functional mist for allergies and flu. It reduces the symptoms of colds, flu, sinusitis and bronchitis. Menthol helps soothe respiratory ailments. It is excellent for neck and muscle pain, headaches, sinus and hayfever and is also a great mood-lifter during stressful moments when you need to be calm. It brings instant relief from insect bites and skin irritation or rashes.


Reduces symptoms associated with:

  • colds
  • flu
  • asthma
  • bronchitis
  • neck and muscular pain
  • headaches
  • sinus
  • hayfever
  • migraine
  • insomnia
  • snoring
  • Is a mood enhancer/lifter

Application: Spray into the air and breathe deeply for respiratory challenges or spray onto a tissue and breathe in. Can be sprayed onto pillowcases before bedtime or directly onto affected areas, like shoulders and stomach for pain. Not recommended during pregnancy.

Additional information

Weight 114.5000 g


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