Rooibos and Diabetes

Do You Have Diabetes, Or Know Someone Who Does?

Chances are you do. As the popularity of this sweet tasting, aromatic tea grows, so too does the research. And the benefits of drinking Rooibos tea every day will amaze you. Diabetes is only one disease that is counteracted with Rooibos.

What Does Rooibos Have That Other Teas Don’t?

The Answer: Aspalathin

Rooibos tea gets harvested from Aspalanthus linearis, a plant unique to the Cedarberg region. So it comes as no surprise that the “magic” ingredient is aspalathin. Along with this compound comes nothofagin. These two powerhouses have an impressive array of antioxidative benefits. But the power of the plant lies in the synergy between compounds.

When it comes to diabetes, studies focus on aspalathin’s effect on blood glucose levels. The results show how effective aspalathin is in stabilizing blood sugar levels. It increases glucose uptake, which means the sugar in the blood stream gets carried and delivered to the right places.

To manage diabetes using Rooibos, studies show that the unfermented, or green, Rooibos tea yields far greater levels of aspalathin, once brewed. So it makes sense, if you are diabetic, to opt for the green, unfermented rooibos.

Annique offers Forever Healthy range offers Rooibos products in capsule form. This Rooibos extract is actually not superior to the plain, brewed tea. And many Rooibos studies have come to the same conclusions. That is, Rooibos works better as a whole.

Leptin/Insulin Connection And How Drinking Rooibos Tea Can Assist

When leptin is out of whack you can’t tell when you have had enough to eat, so you tend to overindulge. Once you become overweight your chance of developing T2D increases.

In the case of leptin resistance, drinking even one cup of fermented rooibos is enough to begin lessening the problem. Rooibos tea contains phenols and flavonoids that can reduce leptin resistance, as well as prevent it from developing.

How To Use Rooibos To Prevent And Manage Diabetes (And Leptin Resistance)

Drinking 6 cups of rooibos a day may prevent not only the pre-diabetic condition (known as insulin resistance) but also leptin resistance. This, in turn, will prevent diabetes-related health issues, like high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). And, it should go without saying, skip the sugar in your tea.

Drinking Rooibos every day will maintain stable blood sugar levels, so even people not yet tested will be unintentionally keeping themselves alive. But it is better to live with intention, so get tested to know where you are with your health.

According to the National Diabetes Audit of 2016/17, only around 40% of T2D sufferers are meeting their treatment targets. Treatment targets are things like blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure.

What About Type 3 Diabetes? Can Rooibos Help?

Type 3 diabetes is a relatively new term used to describe precursors to Alzheimer’s disease. Insulin resistance can cause memory loss and impaired cognition in older people. Again, research shows how effective rooibos tea can be, when taken daily, at the recommended dosage of 6 cups a day.a

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