Rooibos May Assist in the Prevention of Cancer

Rooibos May Assist in the Prevention of Cancer

havehas been fully characterised, this herbal tea may be one of the agents that could protect children’s skin from some of the damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays.

Once the skin has been exposed to the sun’s UV rays, Rooibos extracts have the ability to remove precancerous damaged cells and also block the onset of inflammation. It does so by stopping the multiplication of cancerous cells and removing these cells through programmed cell death – in other words, prompting the cells to commit suicide.

“It’s the abundance of polyphenols (antioxidants) – natural compounds found in Rooibos – which gives its restorative power,” explains Dr Magcwebeba. “These compounds are linked to the prevention of various chronic disorders, including skin cancer. However, it is important to note that preliminary findings show that Rooibos extracts are more effective during the early stages of skin cancer development as they are able to facilitate the removal of UVB damaged cells thereby delaying their progression into a tumour.”

If your child does end up with a nasty sunburn, anecdotal evidence indicates that soaking him/her in a lukewarm bath of rooibos tea two to three times a day could help reduce inflammation, which is likely due to the tea’s anti-inflammatory properties. This, in combination with the abundance of antioxidants present in Rooibos tea, will help to naturally accelerate the healing of the skin.

It is still uncertain how much Rooibos extract is needed to prevent the development of skin cancer, but according to science, children (and adults) who spend a lot of time in the sun may benefit from using cosmetics, sunscreen and after-sun skincare products containing Rooibos extract.

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