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Ready to share your transformative Annique Rooibos story?


We’re all ears! From April 1st until May 31st, 2024, join our "Spill the Tea" Testimonial Competition on any ANNIQUE ROOIBOS product and stand a chance to win one of two R5,000 Annique Rooibos product hampers. Dive into your Annique Rooibos experience, showcase your results, and let us celebrate your journey.


Your Experience Counts!


Whether it’s a tale of triumph over troublesome skin, a chronicle of combating the signs of ageing, or a celebration of newfound daily wellness – your story can inspire and bring real change to someone’s life.


Here’s What You Need to Do:

  • Find Your Perfect Product: Only Annique Rooibos products that have touched your life and your skin are the stars here. Simply pick a product from the list below to get started.
  • Snap the Moments: Get a before picture as you start your product journey and an after photo once you witness the magic. Make sure they’re clear, high-res and true to life. Please also note that photos are compulsory to enter the competition.
  • Pen Your Experience: Narrate what your situation was like before Annique Rooibos, the problem that got sorted, and how the product brought that sought-after change.
  • Submit Your Testimony: Email your story, photos, and all the nitty-gritty details to communications@annique.com before 10:00 AM on May 31st, 2024.

A Little Birdie Told Us…Your words and pictures won’t just be a contest entry. By submitting, you’re giving us a thumbs-up to share your Annique Rooibos tale across all our platforms – a story to stand the test of time.


A Sprinkle of Rules:

  • Products should be purchased and personally used.
  • All entries must meet our testimonial criteria.
  • A random draw will determine the winners by June 15th, 2024.
  • Winners will be contacted via email. Remember, the judges' decision is final.
  • Prizes must be claimed by July 30th, 2024.
  • Customers & Consultants can enter.


Prizes That Make a Statement:

  • Two lucky winners, one consultant and her one customer, will each win a lavish hamper worth R5,000 – full of Annique Rooibos finest products.
  • Remember, the prize is a hamper of our products at full price, with no cash or product swaps.


The Path to Victory: The Steps to Follow:


Step1:  Find a customer willing to share their Annique Rooibos journey and the customer will need to purchase the product for the testimonial.

    • Remember to capture the date when the customer started using the product

Step 2:  Follow our photo criteria for that ‘start’ picture. Remember a before and after photo is compulsory to enter the competition.

  • All photos should be clear high-resolution images in the same light conditions in front of a neutral background.
  • Final image size should be 2MB or more per photo and in Jpeg format.
  • Only original images will be allowed with no alterations or design elements added (like Canva or other designed images).
  • No WhatsApp images will be allowed.


Why take a before and after photo


  1. Using before and after images cultivates connection. – Motivates people
  2. Before and after images provide narrative control. – Instils confidence and creates a story of your experience
  3. Before and after images illuminate the journey by depicting the contrast between the initial situation and the enhanced outcome. Thus, it's not only about outcomes but also about the perceived transformation. – Inspires Possibility (if it can work for her, then why not me)
  4. “Proof is in the pudding” – People can see the difference your product makes.


 How to take a before and after picture


  1. Get someone to take a picture of you before using the product or use a photo you have.
  2. Once used, the product for a certain amount of time (give the product time to work) then take a photo to show the changes it has made.
  3. Make sure it is natural and not filtered because that is easy to pick up.
  4. Make sure your photo is a RAW photo or as high resolution as you can get it.
  5. You want to show and prove that your product works.


Do's of a Before and after (Natural)



Dont's of a Before and after (filtered)



Step 3:  Capture the success in after photo, adhering to the same criteria. Please see comments above.

Step 4:  Write a compelling testimonial:

  • Clearly describe the individual situation before product use and what changed
  • Clearly describe the problem that was sorted
  • Clearly describe the outcome of the result
  • Clearly describe the outcome of the result.
  • Example: “I used to suffer from severe pigmentation after not applying enough sunscreen in my youth. I started using the Miracle Tissue Oil in March 2024. After two months of use my pigmentation is much lighter, my skin texture is finer and I have received so many compliments about my skin. I love the product and it has really improved my dry, mature skin. Thank you Annique Rooibos!"

Step 5: Send your before and after photos and written testimonial to the below email, and let the anticipation brew.

  • Submit entries to communications@annique.com 
  • As a consultant, you are welcome to share your own testimonial
  • Please include your consultant number in the email when submitting.
  • Only email entries will be accepted


Spill the Tea and Win Big!


Craft your testimony, capture the transformation, and join the ranks of those whose lives have been touched by the magic of Annique Rooibos. Who knows? Your story could be the next one singing from our platforms.


Take a look at the products that can pave your way to victory:


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