Skin Care Assessment


How old are you?

How would you describe your skin?

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How often does your skin break out?

How does your skin feel in general?

How does your skin feel after cleansing?

Skin Care Assessment
Face Facts for Younger and Problem Skin

Annique’s Face Facts range is formulated for problem and younger skin containing Green Rooibos extract with proven antioxidant results for skin. Many teenagers and young adults struggle with acne and other skin care concerns due to changing hormones, lifestyles or incorrect skin care routines. Annique’s Face Facts range is ideal for all skin types especially sensitive, oily and blemish-prone skin.
Hydrafine for Normal and Combination Skin

The Hydrafine range is the ultimate daily facial skin care range for normal and combination skin types. This exceptional range provides the perfect balance of moisture for normal and combination skin, and will leave yours refined and beautiful. This range includes three state of the art intelligent active ingredients that have been carefully researched and selected to bring the ultimate solution for normal/ combination skin.
Lucid for Dry, Dehydrated and Mature Skin

Lucid means shining, bright, beaming, gleaming, radiant, crystalline and pure. Annique’s Lucid range of daily skin care products for dry and mature skin will ensure just that. Your skin will become beaming, radiant and bright. Dry, dehydrated and mature skin requires extra care to restore and retain the skin’s moisture content. Lucid includes an innovative and sophisticated active ingredient, named AquaVital. This ingredient is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, is 100% natural and is plant derived. It has been scientifically formulated as an advanced moisture regulator that acts as a moisture reservoir in the skin.
Synergy for Oily and Problem Skin

Annique’s Synergy Oily Skin range is a modern, ground breaking range that intertwines science and nature to bring you an effective daily skin care range that will transform oily and problem skin to healthy, beautiful skin. Synergy means interaction, collaboration and working together. The Synergy user is typically someone with an excessively oily skin in any age group. The affordability of the Synergy range will allow it to be well received by all users.

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