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Life Lessons from Annique’s Founder

As we celebrate our 50th birthday, we asked Annique’s top Consultants and stalwarts in the business what they learnt from Annique’s founder, Dr Theron herself about running a successful Annique business. Elizma du Bois – Durbanville Elizma got to know Dr Theron from a young age and the one thing that stood out for her was: “When you meet a new...

Sick woman holding cup of Rooibos tea and tissue

Fight Colds and Flu with Rooibos

For over a century, antioxidant-rich Rooibos tea has been used to help ease and provide protection against colds and flu. Its ability to support the immune system in fighting viruses enhances the body’s natural defence system making it a must-have pantry staple. Here’s how Rooibos can help fight coughs and sniffles this winter season: One of the most important healing functions...

Couple sick in bed with cold and flu

Immune Boosters

Cold and flu season is around the corner and the continuing coronavirus pandemic will certainly complicate matters. While you can’t stop yourself from getting sick, here are a few immune boosters to help keep illnesses at bay. Top Tips for a Healthy Immune System Eat a healthy diet that contains plenty of fresh vegetablesKeep stress under controlGet at least...

Woman in pain holding hands on back kidney care

Kidney Care with Annique

In celebration of World Kidney Day on 11 March, we are highlighting the Annique products that are most suited in assisting the kidneys in their vital functions. Zerotox WHY? Clears toxins out of our system, taking some of the burden off the kidneys. HOW? Paired with kidneys, the two make perfect partners, both working hard to keep the body clean from the inside.Zerotox is...

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