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Immune Booster - 0 Comments
Immune Booster
Cold and flu season is around the corner and the continuing coronavirus pandemic will certainly complicate matters. While you can’t stop yourself from getting sick, here are a few immune boosters to help keep illnesses at bay.
Kidney Care with Annique - 0 Comments
Kidney Care with Annique

Kidney Care with Annique


In celebration of World Kidney Day on 11 March, we are highlighting the Annique products that are most suited in assisting the kidneys in their vital functions.




Clears toxins out of our system, taking some of the burden off the kidneys.



  • Paired with kidneys, the two make perfect partners, both working hard to keep the body clean from the inside.
  • Zerotox is the first barrier against toxins, heavy metals and nitrates have to go through to enter the system.
  • It acts as a sponge and adsorbs toxins.
  • Can soothe symptoms of bladder infection.

*Two capsules a day with a full glass of water. For optimal results, drink lots of water to help facilitate the detox process.




Vitamin C is a great natural detox aid. Vitamin C can prevent kidney problems like kidney stones.



  • Clearing your blood of harmful toxins is one of the kidney’s main function, which makes working OptiC into your healthcare routine essential.

*1-2 capsules a day





Improves ailments like kidney and gall stones.


  • Replaces essential micro-minerals, ensuring cells are regenerated to their original design. This helps the body regenerate healthier, younger more energetic and normal cells.
  • Regulates blood pressure, and provides a faster and more thorough detoxification.

*Sixteen drops a day in a glass of chlorine-free water before breakfast.


Rooibos & Buchu Tea


Relieves water retention Soothes mild kidney infection.


  • Buchu helps to increase the flow of water through the kidneys which helps to detox these important organs.
  • Its anti-inflammatory effects also aid the flow of water whilst the antiseptic qualities of Buchu disinfect the kidneys to prevent infection.

*Two to three cups a day.