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Unlock Clearer, Brighter Skin with Essense Skin Detox! - 0 Comments

Hey there, skin care enthusiasts!


Brighter Skin with Essense Skin DetoxAre you tired of battling stubborn skin issues and searching for that one magical product that can take your skin care routine to the next level? Well, look no further because Essense Skin Detox is here to revolutionize your skin care game!

The true "fountain of youth" in this formula is Tiger's Herb, a prized gem in Chinese medicine. With its anti-inflammatory properties, wound-healing prowess, and natural antibiotic magic, this herb will make you fall in love with your revived skin!

But that's not all – prepare to be amazed by the wonders of macadamia nut oil! This superhero ingredient works its magic on your skin by quickly absorbing and creating a protective, velvety barrier. The result? A youthful appearance and a texture that's smoother than ever before!

Now, let's talk about the star players in Essense Skin Detox – vitamin A and vitamin E. These dynamic duo of vitamins work together to rebuild tissue, repair cuts and wounds, and promote skin regeneration. Your skin will simply adore this nourishing treatment!

And who can forget our exclusive Rooibos extract? This potent natural antioxidant is a true powerhouse in Essense Skin Detox. Let it work its wonders on your skin, and get ready to embrace a radiant and healthy-looking complexion!

We all know that hydration is the foundation of healthy skin, and Essense Skin Detox has got your back in that department! Say goodbye to acne, dryness, and flakiness caused by harsh environmental factors, as this game-changing treatment delivers optimal hydration to your skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated, fresh, and oh-so-supple!

Now, you might be wondering how to incorporate this miracle treatment into your daily routine. Well, fear not! Making Essense Skin Detox an essential part of your skin care regimen is as easy as it gets. With its array of skin-loving ingredients, this product is perfect for your morning and nighttime routines. Always apply before your moisturiser for optimal results. And remember, at Annique we press the product onto our skin. No rubbing! This could lead to stretching the skin unnecessarily and causing sagging and wrinkles over time. *GASP*

Don't let your skin miss out on this transformational experience. Unlock the secret to radiant, hydrated, and youthful-looking skin with Essense Skin Detox. Say goodbye to skin troubles and hello to a new, confident you!

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the power of Essense Skin Detox and get ready to face the world with clearer, brighter, and more beautiful skin!

Are you tired of dealing with dry, dehydrated, and mature skin? - 0 Comments

Dealing with Dry SkinIntroducing our best-selling daily skin care range: Lucid. Designed to restore and retain moisture for a beaming, radiant and bright complexion, Annique Rooibos Lucid is the perfect solution to dry skin woes.

How do you know if you have dry or dehydrated skin? Keep an eye out for signs such as almost invisible pores, a dull and rough complexion, red patches, decreased elasticity, more visible lines, a general dry or tight feeling, uneven skin tone, and a lack of plumpness.

What sets the new Lucid range apart is the incorporation of three powerful and innovative active ingredients: Green Rooibos, pre- and probiotics, and AquaVital+. These ingredients work harmoniously to nourish and condition dry, dehydrated, and mature skin.

Green Rooibos takes center stage as a potent anti-aging ingredient, boasting high levels of antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals and maintain a youthful appearance. Additionally, it is an ideal choice for individuals with acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other challenging skin conditions. Rooibos is the hypoallergenic solution to soothe redness, itching, and rashes.

The inclusion of pre- and probiotics in the Lucid range is a game-changer. Just as probiotics benefit our digestive system, they also play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy balance on our skin. These beneficial microorganisms strengthen the skin's barrier against invaders and restore the skin's natural pH, resulting in a calmer and more comfortable complexion. Probiotics work synergistically with prebiotics, which act as fuel, allowing probiotics to thrive and multiply.

Enter AquaVital+, the ingredient that creates a moisture reservoir in the skin. Derived from the seeds of the Peruvian plant Tara, this sophisticated plant moisturising complex creates a protective film that prevents water from evaporating rapidly. By capturing and retaining moisture, AquaVital+ ensures both immediate and long-lasting hydration, leaving your skin with a healthy glow, improved elasticity, and unparalleled softness.

The Lucid range consists of a cleanser, night cream, and freshener (apply this last) and you can choose between our best-selling moisturiser, Lucid Moisturiser for Dry Skin, or the Lucid Moisture Lotion. The Moisture Lotion has a thinner consistency and leaves a more matt finish than the Moisturiser for Dry Skin. All formulas are fragrance and paraben free.

Say goodbye to parched skin and embrace a radiant, youthful complexion. Your skin deserves the best, and the Lucid range is here to deliver it. Try it for yourself and witness the transformative power of these exceptional ingredients. Your journey to luminous skin starts now!