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Cleansing Myths Debunked!

Cleansing Myths Debunked!

Cleansing Myths Debunked!

Want beautiful, glowing skin? We all know cleansing is the answer; it’s the first step to every good skincare routine. While you might think you have your skincare routine locked down, you might be guilty of committing a few all-too-common face-washing mistakes. We’ve busted a few common cleansing myths below.



Top Tip:

If you feel you need to wash your face in the morning, rinse it with Rooibos tea. Rinse your face with Rooibos-infused water after cleansing. Tap water contains harsh chemicals that can dry out, age, and even irritate the skin. Counter this by adding antioxidant and anti-ageing Rooibos and presto! You have a winning formula!

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