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New year, new YOU!


A recent article on WITS website reported that a staggering half of all adults in South Africa are overweight (23%) or obese (27%) and that the World Obesity Federation estimates that this figure will grow by an additional 10% to 37% in obesity in adults by 2030

Overweight obesity is not just a cosmetic problem but has serious health implications. It puts a lot of strain on internal organs and can lead to diseases like obesity and heart disease.

We all live hectic lives. We frequently miss meals, forget to eat, or wind up making poor choices and consuming food that is high in sugar, “bad” carbohydrates, and processed foods as we rush around trying to fit everything into our day.

As a result, issues like being overweight, obesity, type II diabetes, fluctuating weight, food cravings, high cholesterol, heart disease and exhaustion are on the rise. 


5 Signs That You Are Overweight

  • Waist Measurement
  • Snoring
  • Frequent heartburn
  • Achy joints
  • Chronic fatigue

DID YOU KNOW? Rooibos is the ideal drink for people looking to lose a few kilograms. It contains no calories, nor caffeine and is naturally sweet, so you don’t need to add any sugar or sweeteners to enjoy this delicious South African herbal infusion. Rooibos also helps to fight heart disease by lowering cholesterol, helps prevent diabetes and is ideal to aid in natural digestion. In fact, Rooibos can help you on your natural weight loss journey!

The Annique Rooibos Lifestyle Philosophy embraces the return to an ‘evolutionary based’ diet of lean meats, seafood, fish, vegetables, good fats, (raw) nuts and seeds, moderate physical activity and supplementing our diets with essential vitamins, minerals and herbs. This philosophy offers a solution to encourage weight loss and improve the metabolic functioning of the body by:

  • Encouraging lifelong eating choices which focus on nutrient-rich, healthy foods
  • Reprogramming the body to digest stored fat, converting it into energy
  • Supplementing with specific micronutrients and herb formulations to support weight loss.

Annique’s NEW Slimming Supplements

Annique’s new supplements consist of three products, each of which serves a specific purpose, to help and support the body during the weight loss process when used in conjunction with Annique’s Lifestyle Philosophy eating plan.

The new Slimming Range’s three supplements are:


Meta Boost Capsules

Increases energy and metabolism, brown fat, and suppresses appetite. Put very simply, white fat stores energy while brown fat burns energy and generates heat in your body. It is also referred to as the “good” fat. Children have a lot of brown fat, but the levels of brown fat decrease as we become adults.



  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Helps manage your blood sugar
  • Reduces cravings
  • Converts white fat into brown fat. Most of the fat in our bodies is white fat and it is used to store excess calories as fat. Brown fat can easily be used as energy, aiding in the weight loss process
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Increases feelings of fullness
  • Helps lower blood sugar in diabetics and can enhance the body’s reaction to insulin


Fat Attack Capsules

Fat Attack is a supplement that helps the body to burn fat. This is an important process for losing weight. It includes Green Rooibos, Green Tea and amino acids to naturally kickstart the body’s fat-burning processes. The amino acids are, L-Tyrosine and an amino acid precursor named GBB, that is converted into the amino acid, L-Carnitine, in the body.



  • Helps to burn fat by converting fat into energy. It works by transporting fatty acids from food into the mitochondria of the cell. There, they are converted into energy.
  • Supports the production of thyroid hormone this will speed up the body’s metabolism
  • Helps manage premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • Helps to reduce stress
  • May slow down the ageing process due to its effect on cellular health


Chromium Picolinate Tablets

Improves the body’s response to insulin. It also helps reduce the loose skin that develops during weight reduction. Chromium is crucial mineral that helps to lower blood sugar. When blood sugar levels are high, the body produces more insulin to deal with this, which causes more calories to be stored as fat. Chromium might lessen cravings, hunger, and binge eating and assist in getting rid of loose skin. It increases lean body mass and decreases the percentage of body fat.



  • Chromium enhances insulin sensitivity in the body – resulting in
  • Improved blood sugar
  • Reduced hunger and cravings
  • Helps to reduce the excess skin during rapid weight loss

Good nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy body and what better way than with the Lifestyle Shake. Instead of that weak feeling that often goes hand-in-hand with dieting, you will find that you feel stronger because each serving provided slow-absorbing calcium and milk protein that ensures a sustained release of amino acids that is important for muscle growth and recovery.

The unique formula, with its distinct mix of essential fats, ensures that energy levels are sustained without triggering a spike in blood sugar levels. This helps to keep your metabolism high and reduce fat storage.

Annique also has a host of Rooibos and herbal teas to aid in natural weight loss. Choose from Rooibos & Ginger for natural detox, Rooibos & Fenugreek provides natural appetite suppressing benefits and Rooibos & Senna helps solve constipation.

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